Dillinger Escape Plan

Baby’s First Coffin

Dillinger Escape Plan


Miss Machine (2004)

Baby’s First Coffin testo

Dear god protect us come on blackest heart she stares forever and then some never again polished barb wire smile tricks
and treats she’s done so cut her again gut her again silence tells us we’re damned jesus we’ve gone and done it again
jimmy’s got a new gun in his hand you’re being a liar I’m stealing the show you’re being a liar I’m ready to go how could
you doubt we would ever find out the emperor is dead goodbye to god dead so long embrace defeat you know we both agreed to
it stick the diamond to it gust of wind to the face never returning favors take the prison to the man I could promise the
world if we could travel through time don’t back out on me now relax and remember the promise of the sign I wish you could
see yourself now you look at me like a child the way you glide across the room instrument of seduction let go of it
rapunzel let it down wait for the signal then bring it down with a smile now become the conductor the way you slide across
the room how wonderful the connection did the last kiss still taste as good as the first or is this just the opening scene of a new play I look
at you like a child but not at all like you looked at me but grace is already dead now is the time to come and face the
master you should never say yes when you really mean no

Ascolta Baby’s First Coffin - Dillinger Escape Plan