Frenzal Rhomb


Frenzal Rhomb


Smoko At The Pet Food Factory (2011)

Alvarez testo

I can’t remember
giving us your bass
or lending us your truck.
And I can’t recall
you handing out the pills
that got us so fucked up.
And when we reminisce
about the good times
and the poor,
the only two things
through the haze are
passing in a bottle and Karl
Alvarez, Alvarez, Alvarez [x2]
We danced all through the night
and drank champagne with the stars.
Oh hang on just a minute,
now I’m living someone else’s past!
Apparently you took us to a bar
with toys in it,
I hope we had a good time
‘cause I can’t remember shit except for
Alvarez, Alvarez, Alvarez [x3]
Karl Alvarez
And in the dead of night,
in the silence of my room
with the history of the world
going round and round in circles.
Nothing of my best friends
or my enemies at all.
Nothing but a sense
of being hungry and
a memory of Karl
Alvarez, Alvarez, Alvarez [x2]
Karl Alvarez
Alvarez, Alvarez, Alvarez

Ascolta Alvarez - Frenzal Rhomb