A New Beginning

A Lonely Sunday In December

A New Beginning

Altre Canzoni cover

A Lonely Sunday In December testo

sometimes, things get a little harder
when hearts do change
i feel the pain
of ten thousand rocks, hitting me in the back
why haven’t you come back?

winter has never been this dark for me
and i’m alone, using my left hand to throw
my tiny stars still show
waiting has made them glow

i’m hidden by the sad words i cry
i cannot lie, i miss the one i had
i was never mad
just jealous of the fun that we once had

the rainbows that i wished upon are gone
all the dreams i hold are in this song
please will you come back to me?!
you’ll never know how happy we could be…

this is the 9th time that i’ve looked into your eyes
and not once have you kept your eyes on mine.
can you look at me just once? before i die…