Alain Clark

Your Angel Now

Alain Clark


Live It Out (2009)

Your Angel Now testo

You know this one’s for you
I want to thank you for the times you pulled me through
There’s so much great in the little things you do
And they just keep adding up
You won’t know what I mesn
But it means a lot to me that you were there
At a time where i felt no one really cared
You were in the rear
And I, I wouldn’t be the same person that i am
If you would not have given me your stregth
So call and I’ll be on my way
You have been my angel
Let me be your angel now
Call and I’ll be at your door
As long as I’m able
Have in me your angle
It is so like you to set aside your needs
But i guess they say for those who like to give
It’s hard to receive
So here’s for you my friend
And in time of need
You can count on me
Nothing in return
Now the tables have turned
Unconditional love just say it and you know it
I’ll be there to show it

Ascolta Your Angel Now - Alain Clark