Gran Torino

When I Grow Up

Gran Torino

Altre Canzoni cover

When I Grow Up testo

Brazen days and frightful nights
Lips are loose brain clenched tight
Twenty-four turns eighteen
Weightless on a tired scene
Same sound, same feel and frame
Are you unreal about appeal
Starting to wane

When I grow up
I’ll start feeling younger
(When I grow up)
No more will I owe
(When I grow up)
Sister I won’t lean on
(When I grow up)
I’ll go with the flow

Habit forming late night wrecks
Shallow time consumes the check
Surrounded by love not returned
Pressure button glows
And the band plays burn
To stop, or question why
Takes the fun out of living a lie


Ascolta When I Grow Up - Gran Torino