Den Harrow

Take Me

Den Harrow

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Take Me testo

You can make a change in your lifeDon?t look backThe future is aheadYou might think it?s strange for me to tell you that(Tell me why, tell me why)Don?t be sad, don?t be madIf he let you go?Cause I know that you are so beautifulDon?t you cry, you?ll get byThere will be a day in our wayFor life to be wonderfulSo beautifulTake meWhy don?t youTake meYou know I can always be there by your sideWherever you goI would give it all to keep you satisfied(Yes I know, yes I know)Don?t be sad, don?t be mad…Take meWhy don?t youTake meBecause I?m the one for youTake meWhy don?t youTake meI can always be with you

Ascolta Take Me - Den Harrow