Abysmal Crucifix

Star Sex

Abysmal Crucifix


Star Sex (1995)

Star Sex cover

Star Sex testo

Inside the nebulae,
A gas cloud will soon collide
Gravity disappears
Hydrogen in the air.

Gas clouds and dust rub together
The colors they make are so stellar.

Stars have sex now,
Just like people.

A rotating circle is
A product of stellar jizz
Burns brightly in the sky
An orgasm of the night.

The pressure of love forms a globule,
Using the hydrogen for fuel.

Stars have sex now,
Just like people.

The nebulae partners will moan and groan until
The universe collapses around them
Star sex, ohhh yes,
Slip into the vacuum and undress.

A protostar appears
Increasing temperatures
For fifty million years,
And then the star is here.

Protostars sometimes lose big,
A brown dwarf is born and it sings,

“La la la-la, la la la-la,
“La la la-la, la la la-la…”