She Ugly


Altre Canzoni cover

She Ugly testo

Have you ever in been in the club,
and thought you seen a bad ass bitch?

and turned out she not a bad ass bitch.. at all?

i mean she got everything, body, ass, you know what im saying?

but when she turn around.
it just fucks up your whole night.

step up in the spot,
walkin with a swag,
nigga smellin real good,
got my body sprayed with tag.
lookin for a freak so i can take her home and smash it.
aint gotta be a dime,
but she gotta have an ass.
i look around the club i think i found a perfect match,
she body, shape, and ass
and she look good from the back,
so i walked up on her,
then the script flipped fast,bitch turned around i thought she had a halloween mask, [damn!],i ain’t gonna lie i thought i had somethin bad, i feel sorry for her mama cause she had somethin bad. why she tryna talk to me and do a sexy dance, with a pitbull face, bitch you aint gotta chance.
goddamn shes a mess,
bitch stop workin me, somebody need to tell her she look ?? when she twurkin it.
i aint tryin to hurt you, just tryin to alert you, you dont need to be out past dark, you needa curfew


she ugly!
she ugly?
she ugly!
she ugly?
she ugly!
she ugly?
she ugly!

man i say that bitch is ugly!

she a mess
she ugly
she a mess
she ugly than a mothafucker

well im posted on tha stage, with my clique on tha stage, we just got paid, lets make it rain on tha stage
fuck it,
these hoes aint even comin out, only 50 for these J’s, im grizzly moe with my clothes, but my cologne is silver haze, but from a distance all im seein is a bad bitch with a tummy, she reachin for them honey, yeah she know where tha money at, but when i get a closeup that bitch look like a thunder cat, i pulled her fuckin partner and asked her for my money back.
matter of fact, i thought about it, told her ass to keep it.. go holla at victoria tell her to keep yo ass a secret, but damn i cant believe this, she acting like she keyshia cole from here i see ya tonsils you somethin like a keyshia? NO!
lets say i smoked a zone of dro, popped some pills and poured a 4, and still didnt wanna fuck yo ass? you guaranteed a ugly hoe.
i seen a group of hoes, one ask me teddy would you fuck me? on tha real i wouldnt let you hoes touch me. why? cause 1 by 1


if she dont look like trina, or nothin like maya, a nigga wouldnt holla if he walked right by her

she’s a mess [hot mess](x3)
she ugly than a mothafucker

she in the middle of tha flo, tryna get a jig on, on her best day she look like freddy with a wig on
goddamn she ugly.

she ugly(x6)

if she posted with her friends, she tha one be talkin loud, she dont know she look a mess when she turn around an smile

she’s a mess [hot mess](x3)
she ugly than a mothafucker

chorus (x4)