D.G. Yola


D.G. Yola

Altre Canzoni cover

Rollin’ testo

(feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

[DG Yola:]
You already know man
She called Da Great
The one and only
Know what I’m sayin’?
I just want ya to ride with ya boy, man, through the hood or somethin’, man
I sayin’ you should chill

[Chorus: DG Yola & Krayzie Bone (Krayzie Bone) {Female}]
I wanna get ya
High as I can get ya
High as I can get ya
Have you feeling like it s’pposed to be (Feeling like it s’pposed to be)
And if you
Ride with a nigga
Then vibe with a nigga
I just wanna have ya next to me (I wanna have ya next to me)
And I like it {And I like it}
And she like it, she like it (We like it)
We on it, we rollin’, we rollin’, we rollin’
And I like it {And I like it}
And she like it, she like it (We like it)
We on it, we rollin’, we rollin’, we rollin’

[Verse 1: DG Yola]
If you’re feelin’ like I’m feelin’, then you cool in the game
Just keep
Chillin’, pimpin’, pretendin’ to do ya, thang
We on clear of niggas with killers that shoot up, thangs
So don’t trip, them clips and make ya say we do cocaine
And we party (We party)
And we ballin’, we smokin’
We drankin’, he on it, he on it, I’m on it
Them Dolphins
The Clovers and Scorpions
Butt-naked ladies, Mercedes, them forces
You ain’t gotta hide it (Hide it)
Cause ya eyes tell me you’re feeling
Excited, you like it, I can see how ya bitin’
I’m on it (I’m on it)
I’m a roll it (I’m a roll it)
Light it up and
Smoke it (Smoke it)
But just don’t
Hold it


[Verse 2: Layzie Bone]
I’m gonna take ya to a whole another level, we ride and vibe
When the niggas on the corner see us ridin’ by
Blow smoke out the window when it’s 7:45
Got a thang in my lap and a dime on the side
High as I wanna be, but not like a villian be
Blaze it on up, mix it with a little Henessey
Puff, puff, give, rotation for the swisha sweet
Hit it, hold it, baby girl, you feeling me? (And I like it)
Conversation in the club and the rear (And she like it)
How she braidin’ with her fingers to my hair (And we like it)
Ecstacy, I can feel it in the air
Playa, playa, we roll down St. Clair
Fool the lover
Oooh, we love ya
Let’s get P.O.D.’ed (D’ed)
I roll another
For my soldier
Baby girl love what I’m a creepin’ (Creepin’)
I’m a product of Cleveland, and that’s how we do it, these niggas get high everyday
We thuggin’ and thievin’, we cock it and squeeze it just like niggas do in the A
Young lit, but I’m focused (Focused)
And a popo wanna catch a nigga Ridin’ Dirty (Dirty)
Motherfuckers wanna kill my buzz
Light a nigga up, cause he’s so damn thirsty
When I slide with the gangsta lean, I’m on the gangsta scene, see it’s a gangsta dream
Roll with me, you gotta claim your team, you can’t explain to me
If it ain’t your thang
That’s when the shit over, cause I’m a true smoker and I’m never sober, mayn
I’m always on point
Ask my nigga Yellow, we got something for ya, mayn


[Verse 3: Krayzie Bone]
Y’all know who it is, big gratuidous grand daddy, Krayzie Jackson, turn it to the maximum
If the city’s not platinum, then I ain’t fuckin’ with a nigga, you can tell ‘em, I’m a pass on ‘em
I’ll outlast all of them
Blast on them, roll through the window old school, mash on ‘em
Tramble ‘em, and if I gotta put my hands on ‘em, bet ‘em, my man handle ‘em
When I ride by, they like it, the girls get excited
Can’t fall, it’s so hard to deny it
We the live St. Clair 9-9 Riders
Slide by, blow fire
Y’all don’t mind, comin’ down with some real true niggas from the hood, I’m a get y’all higher

[Chorus x2]

Ascolta Rollin’ - D.G. Yola