Aimee Mann

Pavlov’s Bell

Aimee Mann


Lost In Space (2002)

Pavlov’s Bell testo

Oh Maria
Sit here by the window
Stay here …
And when we go, hold my hand, I’ll take off
Tell me what I already know

That we can’t talk about it
No we can’t talk about it
Because … and someone nearly fell
… and ringing Pavlov’s Bell
History shows there’s not a chance in hell

But … we’re only two …
It’s going
I won’t let it show
… denial

That we could talk about it
But we could talk about it
Because nobody knows
… and ringing Pavlov’s Bell
history shows …

Well, well, well

Oh … if this is nothing
I’m finding it’s so hard to dismiss

only you can save me
so come on baby give me …

and let’s just talk about it
I’ve got to talk about it
Because nobady knows
somebody nearly fell

and ringing PB
history shows

so tell me
that’s how I nearly fell
by ringing PB
so baby show and tell
Oh …(?)

Ascolta Pavlov’s Bell - Aimee Mann