Uriah Heep

Love In Silence (Know Yourself)

Uriah Heep


Sea Of Light (1995)

Love In Silence (Know Yourself) testo

This is our world, our future
These are our times
I believe we have to see
In silence there’s no mystery

The world is so busy talking
What do they know
They’re missing out on being alive
Words are turning into lies

We’re looking for love to guide us
What do we know
The truth is never to be told
It’s waiting there inside your soul

The innocent join
In fighting so easily
In a world of pain and war
Who knows what they’re fighting for

What they’re fighting for
Oh, what they’re fighting for
What they’re fighting for

Many rivers running out to sea
One heart with a cry for love
Many dreamers in a moonlit sky
One sigh and they are gone

Love is the only direction
That leads to truth
Knowing in your heart what’s right
You’ll walk upon the sea of light

There’s something
In love and silence
That you can find
Know yourself and all around
Listen to the only sound