Evan And Jaron

Is It All That Great Without Me

Evan And Jaron


We've Never Heard Of You Either (1998)

Is It All That Great Without Me testo

could you speak a little louder
cause I thought I heard you say
that you need me
and you’re coming back to stay
I guess it’s harder to say what’s on your mind
when you haven’t told
the truth at any time
and now it’s time to divide
you take what’s yours
and I’ll take mine
is it all that great without me
I really want to know
was it easy to forget me
cause your eyes are saying no
did you find a broken rainbow
with an empty pot of gold
well if it’s all that great without me
then I’m glad you let me go
I don’t mean to sound so vengeful
or to hit you when you’re down
but you took my house of dreams
and burnt it to the ground
and now you say you’re really sorry
well that’s really nice to hear
but where were you
when everything we had
got up and disappeared
and now it’s time to let go
walk through that doorway
and let it close
when you walk into the sun
and turn your back on everyone
well the world keeps spinning
round and round
and what you had is gone