Ben Harper

Heavyhearted World

Ben Harper


Childhood Home (2014)

Heavyhearted World testo

It’s christmas morning, innocent morning.
There’s a flag risen today so a nurse calls the door.
There’s a man in the corner, who sounds just like me.
Scrambling all above timesquare, no diesease

If I could only forget what I’m supposed to know.
If I could only keep from sinking so low.
Strugged me down and into the world i was ripped.
With no where else to turn in this heavyhearted world.

Traded our rage for broken bones;
Traded our fear for some place to call home;
Traded our lifetime for one long day.
Nothing is more beautiful than to fade away.

The fear and the memory love made for you:
it prepared us for the painful truth.
so gather only what’s sacret, sum of your courage.
Walk with me into this heavyhearted world.

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