Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse

Grain Augury (feat.vic Chesnutt)

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse


Dark Night Of The Soul (2009)

Grain Augury (feat.vic Chesnutt) testo

Both our families afer gathering
We’re cutting a baby out
With my grandmother’s heirloom antler-handledcarving knife
They were under hr grand chandelier
Where we all together have shared holiday dinner
But it was your father that was holding the knife
Yeah, I begged you not to make me tell ya
Yeah, I pleaded with you to leave it alone
I told ya
I told you that you didn’t want to know
What went on in my horrible dream
I was peering in through the picture window
It was a heart-warming tableau
Like a Norman Rockwell painting
Until I zoomed in
I was making noises in my sleep
But you wouldn’t believe me when I told ya
That I wasn’t with someone in my dream
Catfish were wriggling in blood and gore in the kitchen sink
Yeah, I told ya
I told ya
I told you
Now sweetie, promise me
That you won’t sing
This sad song, grim augury.