Behold My Life



Odds & Evens (2003)

Behold My Life testo

(feat. Dilated Peoples)

Behold my life, the life that I live is just one
My reflection is God, my shine is the sun
My sign is Aquarius, rap styles I got various
I’m a product of a pops who had bullshit marriages
My girl she’s a G ‘cause she carried her
My baby girl Vicky, please believe I’m a marry her
Fill her pockets with fifties and hundreds
I’ll look back, say I done it, I did it
Man I’ve traveled the seven seas and stayed spank fitted
Shit, the bank did it, my dank stay stank scented
(Doja, make squares lose composure)
Behold my life, the life that I live is just mine
The days of our lives change in space and time
I break bread with the Hennessy, won’t drink with the enemy
Cash foreign money at LAX from Italy
(Hey yo bartender, let me get another Hennessy)…
Behold my life, a DJ since ’83
“Eric B is President” made me wanna MC
Made me wanna be the D to the E
Crowned 310 King, of Los Angeles City
Behold my life, registered guns and Rambo knives
The funds come in hundreds and ones, I hold on tight
And take the weather however it comes, the sun still shine
The black man said, uplift your mind
Take a page from history and turn it into facts
Bush is back, watch out for the new crack
The streets already hot like in the ’80s
And they don’t give a fuck how we choose to raise our babies
So this the days of my life in L.A.
I look at the sunset, light a blunt and say
Behold my life… {“the greatest story ever told in rhyme” – Prodigy}
The life that I live is just one
(My life, my life, my life, my life)

Behold my life, I kneel down and roll my dice
I told cats I work angles so precise
I got on to build, I don’t meddle in wars
But I’m all out for sure if they threaten my shores
Bet, family and crew toastin’ dark brew
Took time to develop my pictures in darkrooms
Babs, drop the needle, pick up a harpoon
Dip it and tattoo ‘em like Mr. Cartoon
Globe Trotter, international spot rocker
In Europe they bring hash soon as they spot Rakaa
Iriscience, a champion hotboxer
Crescent Heights ‘D’, number one shot blocker
They get scared when I blow my mic
Now prepare for a cat that’ll fight for rights
Behold my life… (My life, my life, my life, my life)

Behold my life, a pale horse and mic device
Up the price, the time is right for shows at night
Peace to The Roots that chop “Clones”
Dilated Live in Vegas, Defari and Tom Jones
Slap bones, lay tones to reels
Stay blown and in a zone with our own appeal
Turn that shit up, in cars or headphones to fill
Drop back, we go long and throw the pill
Fuck the overkill but understand the deal
Politics took over rap for real
But still we out for top bill and coppin’ a mill’
If I fall short, got friends and options to chill
Dilated blaze the mic device
And I’m blessed, my whole crew spit as cold as ice
Behold my life… (My life, my life, my life, my life)

Ascolta Behold My Life - Defari