Den Harrow

Bad Boy

Den Harrow

Altre Canzoni cover

Bad Boy testo

How can I rememberwhat girl I will see todayif tomorrow she’ll be goneNow I’m a pretender in a special kind of wayI’ve been living like James BondThe situation now will never changeinfatuation has gone out of rangeThis is my life and I don’t want to see it dieBad BoyI wanna be a Bad Boyif it means I will enjoyevery day nowBad BoyI’m gonna be a Bad BoyIf i can play with my toyand get my own way nowThere are blondes and brunettesjust like different cigarettesall their lips are burning hotSome dress &quotValentino&quotothers wear T-shirts to showWhat a shapley bust they’ve gotI can’t refuse them when they come to meI can amusethem if my heart is freeThis is my time and I don’t want to see it flyBad BoyI wanna be a Bad Boy…

Ascolta Bad Boy - Den Harrow