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Back And Forth Again

Slash’s Snakepit


It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (1995)

Back And Forth Again testo

Now you’ve slipped away
And found a place to stay
Who do I congratulate?
But I’m happy for you
Where are you today?
I sense that you’re afraid
And I don’t know what to do…

I miss you, but what does it change
This confusion feels the same
Forget you and let you leave
But I’m still thinkin’ it through
It’s been the conflict between us
That’s kept me from sinking before
You drove me crazy and I let you
Come do it some more…
Put the past to bed, we’ve done it before


Now we’re back and forth again
Can we help this pointless thing
Swingin’ like a hinge
To the place we always meet

There’s nothing to say
Except loneliness is strange
‘Cause you wear the face
That I can never leave
And I know you’re gonna call
‘Cause you know just where I’ll be
Once you come and find me here
I’ll be happy for me
So happy to be
Not alone anymore
We’ve done it before


It’s such a shame how little things
Can change your minds
Don’t just sit there filing your nails

Ascolta Back And Forth Again - Slash’s Snakepit