At Your Best


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At Your Best testo

ACAPELLA:Let me know, let me knowAh – ha, let me know, let me knowLet me knowVERSE 1:When I feel what I feelSometimes it’s hard to tell you soYou may not be in the mood to learn what you think you knowThere are times when I findYou want to keep yourself from meWhen I don’t have the strength; I’m just a mirror to what I seeCHORUS:But at your best you are loveYou’re a positive motivating force within my lifeShould you ever feel the need to wonder whyLet me know, let me know. . .VERSE 2:When you feel what you feelOh, how hard for me to understandSo many things have happened before this love affair beganBut when you feel, oh, like I feelConfusion can give way to doubtAnd there are times when I fall short of what I say,what I say I’m all about, all aboutCHORUSBRIDGE:Tell me what it is (Tell me what it is)Make believe, no need to make believeLook beyond your own (Look beyond your own)Try and find another place for meCause. . .CHORUSAh, ah, ah – haSee, at your best baby

Ascolta At Your Best - Aaliyah